A fast, frantic and free arcade game for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Tilt your device to take control of another spacecraft-in-need elsewhere in the RocketFuse universe! Weave your way left and right through an endless onslaught of asteroids and space debris. Collect thruster powerups to reach greater and greater distances through brute force or pick your path carefully like the slow and steady tortoise.


  • Totally Free!
  • Intuitive tilt controls
  • Original soundtrack
  • Hand painted art style
  • Minutes of gameplay!
  • Simple to pickup
  • Great for kids
  • Great for adults

Let's See it in Action!


As you can see, Space Crash can be a cruel but beautiful place. Keep on your toes and fly like the wind!

Where? How Much?

Space Crash is playable on iPhone and iPod Touch and is available now on the Apple App Store for FREE!

Why free? Space Crash is supported by a simple and unobtrusive advertisment for our premium game: RocketFuse. Space Crash is a full game in its own right, is in no way crippled by the ad, has no time limits and can be played free forever.

Erm How?

Space crash was made in one week and there were numerous blog posts made about its creation. If you're interested in reading about the process please click the links to posts below!

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